Q: How do I purchase your teas?

A: Click the “Shop” link toward the top of the page. All of my featured blends are located here and can be purchased in a box of 16 individual bags. All purchases will be shipped directly to your door.

Q: Where do you get your herbs from?

A: I grow and harvest many of them myself in my pesticide free garden, and the rest I source as locally as possible!

Q: I don’t see the type of tea I would usually drink offered here. Can you make me a custom blend?

A: While I do hope you will give my featured blends a try, I also love making custom blends! Please send all inquiries through my contact page!

Q: How often do your flavors change?

A: I change my seasonal flavors every three months, on the Solstice or Equinox. However, my Mainstay flavors are available year round!